Activities of DKW

Established in 1981, the German-Korean Business Association is a bilateral organization, which focuses on promoting friendship and economic relations between Korea and Germany, business connections between German and Korean companies as well as cultural exchange and mutual understanding between both countries. To this end, the DKW cooperates with trade associations, research institutes, governmental organizations as well as institutions being concerned with Korea and Germany, especially with the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Seoul/ Korea). Distinguished Korea experts as well as representatives of Partner Organizations work together within DKW’s Board of Directors.

The DKW is mainly concerned with the following activities:


Providing up-to-date information by way of  

Informative meetings

Official visits


Promotion of mutual cultural understanding
by means of

Support of German Korean student exchange

Essay competitions



Lobbying by way of 

Participation in official visits and trade consultations

Submitting comments to political institutions and organs

Collaborating in APA, ASEM, AEBF

Besides, DKW assists interested companies to identify potential business partners and helps establishing business connections. Frequently, such assistance is rendered together with partner organizations of DKW. Further on, DKW’s activities comprise giving initial advice to Korean and German companies by providing market and product information as well as establishing contact to professional experts.